Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Miracle of Digital


A few of months ago.  An extended family of about 25 people showed up for their scheduled appointment but announced that one couple and one family of 9 could not make it into town for the portrait session. Yikes!  What to do?

What I did was to photograph the group that was there and then  pose 9 people from the group into  the positions  that the missing people would have been in. All this was done in the studio on artificial turf with a Green Screen Wall.

I then contacted a photographer in Florida and another one is Las Vegas and asked them to photograph the missing people in the positions and with the same lens, angle and lighting ratios that I had used. I sent them the following illustration.

Once the new images were sent back to me I proceeded to put it all together.  I think you will agree, the results are. . . . . . .